Best Affordable Sushi 11374

If you live in Queens and want to know where you can find the best affordable sushi 11374, we invite you to visit Mikihana’s in Forest Hills. We offer a large selection of sushi that you will love, and we have a lot more, too.

Check Out Our Ambiance

When we designed our restaurant, we decided that we wanted to impress our customers with more than just our food. We want you to enjoy the whole Mikihana experience. Our decor is excellent, and we believe that you and your friends will enjoy it along with our great sushi.

Our Sushi

Besides being best affordable sushi 11374, we take great pride in being able to offer you some fresh and great tasting sushi. You can start your meal with some sushi appetizers. Besides our Sushi Appetizer and our Sashimi Appetizer, we also have a Salmon Tartar and a Tuna Tartar, a Tuna Tataki, a Yellow Tail Carpaccio, and more.

Sushi and Sashimi Platters

When you want more than just appetizers, we also offer some platters. These come in several choices, and you can get our Fancy Salmon or Fancy Tuna, the Tri-color Sushi or Sashimi, a platter of Sushi or of Sashimi, and a Sushi Sashimi Combination Platter.

Our Rolls

When you want sushi rolls, we have plenty of them, and we keep the prices affordable. Our rolls come in four varieties: Vegetable, Regular, Special, and Tempura. There are many choices of each variety. Our Special Rolls include some of the following tasty choices: Crazy Tuna Roll, Dragon Roll, Fusion Roll, Hard Rock Roll, Hot Girl Roll, Rainbow Roll, and more.

Our Entrees

In addition to getting great sushi, we are sure you will also love our entrees, too. Our chefs work hard to provide you with tasty, mouth-watering food that you are sure to love. Our best entree is the Prime Kalbe Ribs – and many of our customers think so, too. We also offer three tasty Teriyaki entrees: Chicken, Salmon, and Vegetables. Finally, there are also two different kinds of chicken: Orange and Sesame.

Affordable Lunches

When you get hungry at lunch and are looking for an affordable meal, we invite you to stop by for one of our Lunch Specials. You can get a Sushi or a Sashimi Lunch, choose between four kinds of Teriyaki, or get a two or three Roll lunch. We also offer Bento Box lunches, and these have a California Roll, rice, salad, and you can choose between three kinds of Teriyaki.

Party Time

When you decide it’s time for a party, we invite you to let us host it for you. We are pretty laid back about reservations. All you need to do is to call us at least two hours before the event, and we will be happy. We also have some All Day Party Tray Specials, and you can get these trays of delicious Rolls for when you hold a party at your own place.

Mikihana’s offers the best affordable sushi 11374 around, and we would like to prove it to you. We are located in Forest Hills, NY, and all our food is Glatt Kosher, prepared by expert chefs. All our food can be eaten in our restaurant, or you can also get it as carry out.


Best Affordable Sushi 11374

10110 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, New York 1137
(718) 406-9676