When you are looking for a great place to eat for the whole family, it would be hard to beat the great food and atmosphere at Mikihana’s Japanese Family Sushi Restaurant 11367. It has a variety of food that is sure to satisfy every appetite.

Enjoy the Decor

Most likely, the first thing that you and your family will notice is the beautiful decor of the restaurant. Many of our guests comment on it, saying how beautiful it is. We designed it with you in mind, and we believe it will help you and your guests relax and enjoy your meal.

Glatt Kosher

If you are looking for a kosher place to eat, the Mikihana restaurant only serves Glatt Kosher food. All of our meals are prepared by expert chefs who have a lot of experience in preparing it, and they also pay a lot of attention to a beautiful presentation.

The Menu

There is a wide choice of food, and we are sure that there is something that everyone will enjoy. Starting with the delicious appetizers, we offer Beef Negimaki, Tokyo Wings, Yakitori, Fried Tofu, and many more.

Soups and Salads

Three kinds of soups are available, Miso, Mushroom, and Seafood. There are lots of salads to choose from, too, including Tropical Salad, Kani Salad, Mikihana Salad, a Salmon Skin Salad, and more.

The Sushi

Sushi lovers can get their fill of great sushi at Mikihana. We have a number of sushi appetizers to whet your appetite. These include Salmon Tartar, a Sashami Appetizer, a Sushi Appetizer, A Sushi Sandwich, Tuna Tartar, Yellow Tail Carpaccio, and more. Several kinds of sushi can also be ordered a la carte, to complement any meal.

If you and your family or group would like more sushi at our family sushi restaurant 11367, we also offer it on various types of platters. The platters include Fancy Tunas, fancy Salmon, Happy Sashimi, Happy Sushi, a Sushi Sashimi Combination, and a Tri Color Sushi or Sashimi platter.

The Entrees

When you are ready for the entree, we are delighted to offer some excellent ones. We have three types of chicken: Chicken Teriyaki, Orang Chicken, and Sesame Chicken. Our specialty is Prime Kalbe Ribs, which our customers rave about. Our other two entrees include Salmon Teriyaki, and Vegetables Teriyaki. Each of our entrees is served with rice and a choice of soup or salad. Many side dishes are also available.

The Rolls

There are lots of rolls to choose from. We have several Vegetable Rolls, plenty of Regular Rolls including California Roll, Ikura Roll, and the Yellow Tail Roll – to name just some of them. We also have many Special Rolls, including the ’67 Roll, the Crazy Tuna Roll, the Fusion Roll, Hot Girl Roll, the Rainbow Roll, and many more, as well as some Tempura Rolls.

Mikihana’s Japanese Sushi Bar is a family sushi restaurant 11367. We also offer some excellent Lunch Specials, and some All Day Party Tray Specials. We invite you to bring your party to our place, or let us cater it at yours. We are located on Queen’s Blvd. in the Forest Hills area.


Family Sushi Restaurant 11367

10110 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, New York 11375
(718) 406-9676