When you want an excellent Glatt Kosher sushi bar that has excellent ambiance, you may want to look beyond the Kew Gardens sushi restaurant, and find a great one in Forest Hills. This is the new place to go. Mikihana is a new restaurant that has many items on the menu that you just have to try. The food is fresh and prepared by expert chefs.

The Ambiance

When you want some really great tasting food, we know that it is always important to you and your friends that there also should be some great ambiance. We have created a beautiful restaurant to help you enjoy your sushi and other tasty items on the menu. We also work hard to provide great service, too.

Choice of Appetizers

If you are not familiar with sushi appetizers, there are plenty of hot options to choose from. This gives you opportunity to try new flavors if you see something new.


Choice salads will be a fine compliment to your meal. Salads have a variety of fresh vegetables or fruit, and some contain grilled salmon, or imitation crab meat. Everything is served fresh to ensure great taste.


There are an incredible number of vegetable rolls to choose from including an avocado roll, mushroom, and cucumber. Many regular rolls are also available if you prefer something you are familiar with, or choose one that you have not tried yet for a different taste. Among them are an Alaska Roll, an Ikura Roll (red caviar), a California Roll, a Spicy Tuna Roll, a Yellow Tuna Roll, and many more.

Specialty Rolls

Special rolls are the restaurants specialty, and there are many varieties to choose from. Each one is fresh and includes a mixture of choice fish and vegetables. Why not try a new one when you visit?

Sushi Platters

We understand that people like variety. To give you a great way to taste several of our sushi and sashimi rolls, we offer several platters.


When you are hungry and are looking for main entrees, we provide you with an excellent selection. Chicken Teriyaki, Orange, and Sesame Chicken are on the list, and so are Salmon Teriyaki, Vegetables Teriyaki, and Prime Kalbe Ribs. Each entree comes with white rice and a soup or salad.

Lunch Specials and Party Trays

Besides offering many other foods, including soups and side orders, we also have some exciting lunch specials. Several Bento Boxes are available, along with three choices of Teriyaki, Sushi or Sashimi Lunches, and more.

Make Your Reservation

You can also host your party or other special event at the Mikihana restaurant. We invite you to hold your meeting, Bar Mitzvah, birthday party, or your party at our restaurant. Just be sure to make your reservation in advance. We do not mind if you decide to choose to have your gathering at our place at the last minute. All we ask is that you let us know at least two hours in advance. This helps us to have our special foods ready for your arrival. We have several special ways to get all day party trays designed to fit your taste and budget.

When you are looking for a Kew Gardens sushi restaurant, try the Mikihana Japanese Sushi Bar in Forest Hills. All our foods are Glatt Kosher, and we aim to provide you with the best food and friendly service.


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