Kosher Sushi Forest Hills Queens

If you live in Forest Hills, Queens, and have a taste for sushi, you can find a Glatt Kosher sushi restaurant nearby. This new restaurant provides a lot of options and an excellent ambiance, too. At the kosher sushi Forest Hills, Queens restaurant, freshness is always important, and friendliness is, too.

The Atmosphere

At Mikihana, we understand that when people eat at a restaurant that they want to be able to enjoy the surroundings and beauty. We offer a beautiful restaurant for your dining pleasure, and aim to provide excellent service, too.

The Sushi

Since you are going to a sushi restaurant, we know you love it. To satisfy your hunger, we provide you with a number of options.

Starting with our appetizers, we have several sushi appetizers. They include Sashimi Ceviche, Salmon Tartar, Sushi Sandwich, Tuna Tataki, Yellow Tail Carpaccio, and more.

Sushi can also be ordered a la carte. We have several dishes ranging from Kani, Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Tobiko, and more.

Then, for those who would like a variety of sushi, we offer sushi and sashimi platters. Each one comes with a variety of sushi, depending on your tastes. As an example, our Fancy Salmon Platter comes with salmon sushi, salmon sashimi, and a salmon roll. Some of the other platters provide assorted sushi.

Our Rolls

We offer a variety of Rolls as well. Our Vegetable Rolls offer tastes for everyone. We have Rolls in avacado, cucumber, green, mango avocado, mushroom, peanut avocado, and more. Our Regular Rolls are numerous. Among the flavors we have: Alaska, Salmon Skin, Boston, California, Ikura, Philadephia, Salmon, Spicy Tuna, and many more.

In addition to our Tempura Rolls, we also have a large variety of Special Rolls. They provide opportunities to satisfy anyone who likes rolls! To name just a few, we have Bonsai, Chef’s, Dancing Tuna, Double Salmon, Fusion, Great Alaska, Hard Rock, Hot Girl, Mikihana, Rainbow, White Tiger, and many more.

Our Entrees

When you want a main meal, we have several entrees to tempt you with. Prime Kalbi Ribs are one of our favorites, and we offer Chicken Teriyaki, Orange Chicken, Sesame Chicken, and Salmon and Vegetables Teriyaki. All of our entrees are served with rice and a choice of a soup or salad.


Just like our other items at the kosher sushi Forest Hills Queens restaurant, we give you a lot of choices when it comes to salads. We have an Avocado, House, Kani, Mikihana, Salmon Skin, Seaweed, and a Tropical Salad.

For Lunch

For our lunch menu, we offer several great-tasting choices. You can order a sushi or sashimi lunch, two or three rolls, or different kinds of Teriyaki. Each one comes with a soup or salad.

When you have a party or meeting, Bar Mitzvah, etc., you can hold it here. We only ask for a two hour notice. If you would rather hold it somewhere else, you can still order our All Day Party Tray Specials and still enjoy your favorite sushi and other Japanese foods.

Mikihana is a Glatt kosher Forest Hills Queens Japanese sushi restaurant. There are many other foods on the menu, too, and we invite you to come and try our sushi.


Kosher Sushi Forest Hills Queens