Living in New York City and looking for something to eat can be a rather difficult choice. When you want local sushi 11375, though, the choice gets a lot simpler. In Queens, you can choose to go to a Japanese sushi bar at Mikihana’s. All of its foods are Glatt Kosher, and there are a lot of choices to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

Along with the excellent meal, you will also enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of the restaurant. It is relaxing and a great place to bring your family or friends to have a great time with great food.

Sushi for Sushi Lovers

When it comes to our specialty – sushi, Mikihana’s local sushi 11375 bar has lots of variety. You can start your meal with our sushi appetizers. These tasty bites come in our Sushi Appetizer, Sashimi Appetizer, Sashimi Ceviche, Salmon Tartar, Tuna Tartar, Yellow Tail Carpaccio, and more.

We also have several sushi platters. These delicious platters provide a range of sushi, sashimi, and a combination of them. We have Fancy Salmon, Fancy Tuna, Happy Sashimi, Happy Sushi, Sushi Sashimi Combinmation, and Tri Color Sushi or Sashimi.

Our Entrees

When it comes to Japanese food, our entrees are sure to please you and your crowd. We offer three types of chicken entrees: Chicken Teriyaki, Orange Chicken, and Sesame Chicken. We also offer Salmon Teriyaki and Vegetables Teriyaki. Our specialty is the Prime Kalbe Ribs. Each entree comes with rice and a soup or a salad.

Three kinds of rice are available to enhance any meal. We offer Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice, and Vegetable Fried Rice.

Rolls Galore

Our rolls come in many different kinds to give everyone something they like, or to let them try new ones. We have many regular rolls that let you pick one you are used to. These include the Alaska Roll, California Roll, Ikura Roll, Salmon Roll, Spicy Salmon, Tuna Avocado, Yellow Tail Roll, and many more.

We also have plenty of specialty rolls. You can find the 67″ Roll, Bonsai Roll, Crazy Tuna Roll, Double Salmon Roll, Dragon Roll, Fusion Roll, Hot Girl Roll, Onegin Roll, Rainbow Roll, White Tiger Roll, and more other choices than you can eat.

For those who prefer a vegetable roll, we offer seven different ones, including an Avocado Roll, Cucumber Avocado Roll, Green Roll, Mango Avocado Roll, Peanut avocado Roll, and more. Four kinds of Tempura Rolls are also available, including Jungle Jane, Passion of Love, and others.

Lunch Time at Mikihana’s

When you want lunch, Mikihana’s has some delicious options. Our Bento boxes come with a California Roll, white rice, the house salad, and your choice of Chicken, Salmon or Vegetable Teriyaki. You can also get a choice of Two or Three Roll lunches, a Sashimi Lunch or Sushi Lunch, and a Teriyaki Lunch, which enables you to choose between Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Salmon, and Vegetable.

Mikihana’s is a local sushi 11375 bar located on Queen’s Blvd in Forest Hills. We also have excellent party trays that are sure to please your group at your next event. You can also host your party at our place if you want for an unforgettable time.


Local Sushi 11375

10110 Queens Blvd Forest Hills,
New York 11375
(718) 406-9676