Living near Queens Boulevard gives you the opportunity to taste our great sushi and other Japanese foods. Mikihana is a new Queens Sushi Restaurant and we have an extensive variety of sushi and other Japanese foods that we believe you will enjoy.

The Ambiance

We know that atmosphere helps our customers feel more relaxed and comfortable. We have excellent ambiance and invite you to see our beautiful decor and relax with a great sushi meal. Be sure to bring some friends, too, and enjoy our food together for even more fun.

The Sushi

Since we are all about sushi, but have other food, too, we want you to try ours. You can start with our sushi appetizers. We have several kinds. If you are not sure which kind you want most, we invite you to try our Sushi Appetizer, which has assorted varieties. We also have a Sashimi Appetizer, a sushi sandwich, and more.

If you want more sushi, you can try one of our Sushi and Sashimi Platters. These platters offer a variety of sushi or sashimi – or some of both, and they are sure to satisfy your taste for these delights. For even more, various kinds of sushi can be ordered a la carte.

Our Entrees

If you want something other than sushi for dinner, we have a number of excellent choices. There are three different kinds of Teriyaki to select from: Chicken, Salmon, and Vegetables. Our restaurant specialty is Prime Kalbe Ribs for beef lovers. Then, we also have two other kinds of chicken – Orange and Sesame.

Our Chefs

In order for sushi to be great, you must have chefs who know how to prepare it. Our chefs have much experience in preparing sushi and other dishes that are both great tasting, fresh, and amazingly beautiful to look at.

The Appetizers

To start your dining event, we offer a number of tasty hot appetizers. You can try the Beef Negimaki, Tokyo Wings, the Yakitori, Spring Rolls and more. Or, if you prefer sushi or sashimi, we also have several choices which you are sure to enjoy, including some with assorted varieties.

Our Selection of Rolls

We offer many different kinds of Rolls, and if you like sushi, we are sure that there is at least one that will suit your taste. We have a wide variety of our Regular Rolls available, including California, Boston, Philadelphia, and Alaska. There are also several Vegetable Rolls, and lots of Special Rolls, and some Tempura Rolls.


When you are hungry for lunch and want something tasty to carry you over until dinner, we have several excellent options. You can get four different kinds of Teriyaki, a Sushi or Sashimi Lunch, a choice of two or three Rolls, and several Bento Boxes.

The beautiful new Queens sushi restaurant, Mikihana, is open. We offer an excellent dining experience while you enjoy great food. We offer lunch and dinner menus, as well as carry out, and can host your party, or provide platters for your parties. Come in for a visit and a great dining event.


Queens Sushi Restaurant