Sometimes, getting a great meal means eating at home with your loved ones, or, having a party and celebration with friends. Of course, you could also enjoy it by yourself, too, if you get a craving for it. The Mikihana Japanese Sushi Bar in Queens now provides sushi delivery services 11415 to your door.

Get Our Sushi Delivered

Others have greatly enjoyed the taste of our sushi, and now you can get it delivered. We would love to have you enjoy our great decor and our pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in our new restaurant, but now you can enjoy our sushi your way.

Lunch Specials

If you would like to have your lunch delivered at the workplace, or at your house, our sushi delivery services 11415 can deliver it. We offer a number of Lunch Specials. Our customers can buy individual lunches that contain either two or three Regular Rolls. Bento Boxes are also available, and these come with a California Roll, white rice, and a house salad, and a choice of Chicken, Salmon, or Vegetable Teriyaki. You can also get a Sashimi Lunch or a Sushi Lunch, or Teriyaki in a choice of Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Salmon, or Vegetable.

Our Dinner Entrees

We have several excellent dinner entrees to satisfy you taste for Japanese sushi. There are three choices of chicken, including Chicken Teriyaki, Orange Chicken, or Sesame Chicken. For those who like beef, we have our superb Prime Kalbe Ribs. Other favorites include our Salmon Teriyaki and our Vegetables Teriyaki. All of our entrees come with rice and a choice of soup or salad.

Sushi Platters

We also are glad to deliver our various sushi platters. Each platter comes with a variety of sushi or sashimi, and some of them come with a Roll. We have our Fancy Salmon, and Fancy Tuna platters. There is also a Happy Sashimi and Happy Sushi Platters, a Sushi Sashimi Combination, and a Tri Color sushi or Sashimi Platter.

Our Rolls

At Mikihana, we are glad to be able to offer a wide number of rolls. We have several kinds of Vegetable Rolls, including an Avocado Roll, a Mango Avocado Roll, a Peanut Avocado Roll, and more. We also have lots of Regular Rolls which includes the classic California Roll, the Ikura Roll, the Salmon Roll, the Spicy Tuna Roll, and more.

Our Special Rolls are always a delight. Among the many ones we make, you will find ones such as the Bonsai Roll, Dragon Roll, Fusion Roll, Hot Girl Roll, Magic Kani Roll, and the White Tiger Roll. We also carry four kinds of Tempura Rolls, including the Jungle Jane, Passion of Love, and more.

Get All Day Party Tray Specials

When you have a get together and you want plenty of sushi, we offer four options of our All Day Party Tray Specials. These come in different sizes and come with 8, 10, or choose between two trays of 15 Rolls.

Getting sushi no longer means you have to go out. Mikihana’s new sushi delivery services 11415 can bring it to you. All of our food is Glatt kosher and it is prepared by highly experienced chefs who also are experts at presentation. Call us today at (718) 406-9676 for your special delivery of great tasting sushi.


Sushi Delivery Services 11415

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