If you want sushi, Forest Hills, and are willing to try something new, we invite you to come to our new sushi restaurant – Mikihana. We offer a wide variety of sushi and other Japanese foods, all prepared according to Glatt Kosher standards. We believe that you will enjoy what we have to offer and that you will want to tell your friends about us, too.

Our Decor

Once you walk into the Mikihana sushi restaurant, we believe you will be amazed at the decor. We have worked hard to provide a beautiful decor and ambiance for our guests. We know that if you can relax in our establishment that you will enjoy your food more.

The Sushi

When it comes to sushi, you will find that we have a lot of different kinds to offer. This helps to ensure that you will find something you like, or, you can try a new one or two. Our chefs have a lot of experience providing fresh sushi that will make you want more.

Start with a Delicious Appetizer

In order to get your taste buds prepared for the main course, we offer a number of hot or cold appetizers. Among our hot appetizers, you can find Beef Negimaki, Fried Tofu, Spring Roll, Tokyo Wings, and more. Our sushi appetizers are also sure to please, and you can choose from Salmon or Tuna Tartar, Sashimi Ceviche, Sushi or Sashimi Appetizer (an assortment), Yellow Tail Carpaccio, and more.

The Platters

When ordering sushi Forest Hills, at Mikihana, we have a large variety of Rolls. The platters give you an opportunity to taste an assortment of Rolls, and some of them come with both sushi and sashimi.

The Entrees

Each of our main entrees is exquisitely prepared by our chefs to give you our best taste experience. You can select your meal from Prime Kalbi Ribs, or from three kinds of Teriyaki: Chicken, Salmon, or Vegetables. We also have two more kinds of Chicken, including Orange and Sesame. Each entree is served with rice and choice of soup or salad.

Lunch Specials

When it is lunch time, you will find that we offer some excellent choices. You can choose two a three roll lunches, or make it a Sushi or Sashimi lunch. We also offer Bento Boxes, which is made up of a California Roll, white rice, salad, and a choice of Teriyaki. We also have four kinds of Teriyaki.

The Place for Parties

When you want to have a get together, a meeting, a Bar Mitzvah, or somewhere to have a party, the new Mikihana is where you want to be. We have room, and you can make reservations with us with just a two hours’ notice. Your guests will love the decor – and the food even more.

When you want sushi Forest Hills, we invite you to stop by and enjoy our decor, great food, and excellent service. We believe that you will likely enjoy it more with a friend. All our foods are Glatt Kosher. You can dine-in for a great time, or go with carry out.


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