Best Sushi Kew Gardens

When you have a taste for great sushi Kew Gardens, you should try the food at the new Mikihana restaurant in Forest Hills. This Glatt Kosher restaurant not only has fabulous food, but a decor you must see. You will love it.

The Restaurant

The Mikihana sushi restaurant is a new sushi restaurant that offers many varieties of sushi and sashimi, as well as many other excellent Japanese foods. Our chefs are very experienced in preparing both Glatt kosher foods – and sushi, too, to give you some great meals.

Our Sushi

When you want sushi, we know you want it fresh, tasty, and presented well. We think you will agree. You will find that we offer many varieties, including appetizers, platters, and a la carte.

Some of our appetizers include such delicious sushi as Salmon and Tuna Tartar, Tuna Tataki, Sashimi Ceviche, and Yellow Tail Carpaccio. For those who like a variety, we have a Sushi Appetizer and a Sashimi Appetizer.

If you prefer something other than sushi for appetizers, we also have a number of hot ones. This gives everyone a wonderful introduction to a great meal. You can select from Beef Negimaki, Tokyo Wings, Spring Roll, Yakitori, and more.

Our Platters

When you want a platter of sushi to round out your meal, we have some excellent choices that are great for one person, two, or for a family or friends. Or, you could make it a meal. Choices include Fancy Salmon and Fancy Tuna, Happy Sashimi and Happy Sushi, Tri-color Sushi or Sashimi, and a Sushi Sashimi Combination.

Our Entrees

We believe that our main course entrees should be just as tasty, if not more so, than the sushi or anything else we serve. While you wait for the entrees, you can enjoy our fine salads and soups, which also is available in a variety of excellent choices.

Our best entree is the Prime Kalbe Ribs. These ribs will make your whole day worth it. Then, there are three different kinds of mouth-watering Teriyaki: Chicken, Salmon, and Vegetables; and two kinds of Chicken – Orange and Sesame. Each entree comes with rice and a choice of salad or soup. There are also several kinds of salads to choose from, all very tasty.

Our Rolls

We have a large number of Rolls to choose from, too, and each one is prepared with great care to ensure that they are fresh – and delicious. The Rolls are available in several kinds of Vegetable, many Regular Rolls, and a large number of fantastic Special Rolls, as well as Tempura Rolls.


When you are looking for lunch, you will find that we offer some excellent specials. Our customers can choose our popular Bento Box, which has a California Roll, white rice, the house salad, and a choice of four different kinds of Teriyaki. We also offer a Sashimi or a Sushi Lunch, four kinds of Teriyaki, and a choice of two or three Rolls.

The Mikihana restaurant offers great tasting sushi Kew Gardens, as well as many other exquisite Japanese foods. We also have affordable All Day Party Tray Specials, and you could even have your party at our place. We invite you to stop by and try out our great sushi – and a whole lot more.


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