Sushi Restaurant 11368

When you want sushi, you want to be sure that it is going to be good. You also want a lot of options, too, and you might even want a great entree with it. You can find all this, and more, at the new Mikihana restaurant in Forest Hills.

All This – and More

In addition to the many varieties of tasty sushi restaurant 11368, you can also find some really excellent ambiance. The restaurant has a really amazing ambiance which will help you and your friends and family to relax while you eat. To help you relax and feel at home even more, we also aim to provide excellent service while you are with us.

Choose Your Sushi

When you want sushi, we have plenty to choose from. Our chefs are experts at preparing it just right – Glatt Kosher. They also work hard to provide the freshest, tastiest, and best looking sushi around.

To start your meal, you can try some of our delicious sushi appetizers. We have several options, including Salmon Tartar and Tuna Tartar, Sashimi Ceviche, Tuna Tataki, Sushi Appetizer, Sashimi Appetizer, and more. If you prefer, we also have a number of hot appetizers you are sure to love, too, including, Beef Negimaki, Tokyo Wings, Yakitori, Spring Roll, and more.

Sushi and Sashimi Platters

When you want more sushi than just appetizers, we have plenty! Our platters will help satisfy that desire. We offer several platters of both sushi and sashimi, including: Fancy Salmon and Fancy Tuna, Happy Sashimi and Happy Sushi, a Sushi Sashimi Combination, and more.

Our Entrees

As the main star of your meal, we also have some great entrees. Our chefs carefully ensure that they will be as tasty as they look. We have three kinds of Teriyaki: Chicken, Salmon, and Vegetables. Our best entree is the Prime Kalbe Ribs, and we believe you will have to agree. Then, we also serve two kinds of chicken – Orange and Sesame.

Our Rolls

When you want sushi rolls, there is no shortage of the varieties at Mikihana’s. We offer four types of rolls to satisfy your hunger – Vegetable, Regular, Special, and Tempura. Of course, we have all the regular ones, but we also like to say that we have many special rolls, including ones like the Bonsai Roll, the Crazy Tuna Roll, the Dragon Roll, Fusion Roll, Great Alaska Roll, Hot Girl Roll, Magic Kani Roll, Tropical Roll, the White Tiger Roll, and many more.


At lunch time, you can satisfy your cravings for sushi with our special lunch menu. We offer several Bento Boxes, letting you choose between three types of Teriyaki, and they all come with rice, a salad, and a California Roll. Our customers can also choose between four kinds of Teriyaki, a two or three Roll lunch, and a Sushi or Sashimi Lunch.

At Mikihana’s, when it’s sushi time, Forest Hills, you can expect the best. We offer great food, excellent ambiance, and a lot of choices. We can also host your party, as well as provide our All Day Party Tray Specials for yours.


Sushi Restaurant 11368

10110 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, New York 1137
(718) 406-9676